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Light is the very basis for the vigorous existence of most species and indispensable for navigation. With a speed of 300.000 kilometres per second it is the fastest message carrier in nature. Evolution developed eyesight 500 million years ago to facilitate survival.

All life forms are entirely dependent on the colours of light. Colour means information and strong optical signals have an enormous impact on biological systems. The colour coding cones of our retina are much older than the degenerate rods only performing in black and white.

The most attractive visual stimulants lie in the monochromatic range. As seen in the sparkling iridescence of gratings and prisms, peacocks and scarabs. These super colours have very high information value and are biologically closely related to laser light.

Photons are a powerful optical software to the brain and the human visual system is extremely sensitive to light variations. The deep influence on human body rhythms is widely recognized. Our hormonal and emotional cycles are closely linked to the qualities of the ambient light.

Light therapy is a key feature in modern health care and personal enhancement. Practical applications include chromatic psychotherapy and body treatment, vision training and cognitive rehabilitation. Sound biologic lighting is a healthy antidote to modern light pollution.

Monocrom has for 30 years specialized in photobiology to develop human potential. We have sophisticated photonic equipment and extensive libraries. We are founding members of the International Light Association and the Nordic Light Association.