Monocrom consultation

Corporate colour design

Colour is the very first thing we notice. Immediately catching our attention. Surrounding us everywhere and touching us aesthetically and emotionally. Our first impressions are often founded on colour preferences and efficient colour communication is essential for business survival.
We have all encountered haphazard colour codings in our environmental life space. Pictures and messages where the non-verbal content is confused or totally lost. Biased and unsystematic colour schemes are commonly found. Resulting in randomized understanding and stagnant creativity.
To create exquisite workspaces, designs or presentations you must therefore be keenly aware of the biological effects of light and colour. With a colour-ergonomic training you can now logically predict the emotional effects of a colour arrangement and be beautifully efficient.
The colours of your logotype and office will be your face to the market. What values do you actually present? Corporate identity is strongly dependent on a coherent visual image presented.
We tailor-make courses for architects, designers and business people to enhance professional competence. Your specific needs will be the active nucleus of the seminars. In the workshops we study and demonstrate organic principles of colour and lighting design. Applications include advertising, architecture, engineering, graphics, fashion and stage lighting.
Colour training seminars have been held in England, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, USA, Canada and Australia. Presentations have been made at the embassies in Berlin and Paris, Copenhagen and Helsinki.
We have been professional training consultants to IKEA, Volvo, Ericsson, Fagerhult, Orgatech and Callwey.
The monocrom light method has appeared in numerous television programmes in Scandinavia. Many major newspapers and magazines have made coverage about our ergonomic colour system.