Monocrom products

Light Dome model XE509

The light dome is powered by a 100W high pressure xenon lamp with ellipsoid reflector. It ignites at 25000V and then switches to 12V low ripple DC. Its universal rectifier system automatically adjusts to different power grids.

The ignited plasma inside the bulb attains 6000K during operation. This is the surface temperature of the sun with a spectral distribution very close to daylight. The colour rendering index CRI is higher than 95. Xenon bulbs are used for cinemas and scientific applications.

The focused beam is filtered through a graded interference coating to create a continuous range of monochromatic light. This is modulated by a diffuser to create a uniform luminous field. The coloured radiation is projected inside a matted white sphere of 400mm diameter.

The dome can isolate any range of the visible spectrum with a high resolution. The spectral squence is continuous and linear between 700nm and 400nm. The bandwidth is typically 12nm and the luminous output is about 0.3W per m2.

The dome features analogue technology for professional performance. It is made from aluminium, stainless steel and acrylic plastic. The ergonomic control cable measures 900mm. The projector unit measures 440x180x90mm. The total weigt of light dome plus projector is 8.8kg.

Light Mask model XE611

The light mask uses the same 100W xenon light source as the dome. The basic mechanics are identical with a universal rectifier system that automatically adjusts to different power grids.The narrow bandwidth along the entire spectral range is the same. But the mask is photonically more efficient due to reduced scattering. It has a higher luminous output of typically 1W per m2.

The monochromatic light projects into a fibre optic bundle of 100 polymer strands each having a diameter of 0.75mm. The strands fan out into a face mask covered with soft rubber and white silk of excellent optic properties. A diffuser layer distributes the light and a backside aluminium reflector catches stray reflexes.

The proximity to the eyes creates a pronounced Ganzfeld Illusion. The soft mask is electrically inert and can be used with water. The fibre bundle is 2m long giving high mobility during sessions. It easily unplugs for convenient transport. The attached mask measures 300x100x30mm and is fitted with Velcro. The backside is covered with black Spandex.

The projected colour range is controlled by an integrated drive wheel unit for analogue precision. The projector unit is highly portable and can be placed on any table or shelf. It measures 440x180x90mm and weighs 4.4kg.

Light Ears model IR211

The light ears are fed by two big focusing diodes with an effect of 200mW each. They have 30% extra photon emission in the infrared range. The wavelength is 850nm and the bandwidth is 30nm. This makes the therapeutic light biologically monochromatic.

They are discreet and extremely portable. Looking like ordinary headphones they project infrared light instead of sound. Their optic emission lies beyond the detection range of the naked human eye.

The light ears are powered by an ordinary AA battery boosted by a double copper coil. They are robust and protected by a washable stocking in elastic Spandex. The light ears weigh less than 100gr.

Light Wand model IR312

The light wand is powered by an infrared multiple diode of extremely high output. The diode cluster consists of 10 component diodes with a total effect of 4300mW. The wavelength is 840nm and the bandwidth is 30nm. This makes the infrared radiation biologically monochromatic.

The wand is fed by ordinary mains current and contains an internal cooling fan. Its universal rectifier system automatically adjusts to different power grids. It has one single control button and shuts down automatically after cooling.

It is fitted with a gold plated security contact for easy removal and transport of the 2.5m earthed cable. Longer leads can be supplied. The diodes are protected by a window of polycarbonate. The transparent plastic is not inflammable.

The wand measures 435x33x27mm and made of durable painted steel to shield electromagnetic radiation. It fits most hand sizes and weighs 500g.

Light Lines model GR108

The light lines are powered by a 2.2W green LED with a guaranteed lifespan of at least 5000 hours. It is fitted with a diffusing reflector mirror for focal acuity. The diode emits green light with a wavelength of 528nm and a bandwidth of 30nm. The sensitivity of the human eye is maximal in this optical mid range.

The light is controlled and dimmed with one single button. It is amplitude modulated for analogue and flicker free performance. Its universal power supply automatically adjusts to different power grids.

The anodized lamp tube has a diameter of 45mm. Double acrylic grids structure the light into polarized lines and a steel template gives the A4 proportion. A strong aspheric glass lens of 35 diopters gives a short focus for reading.

The 1000mm flexible gooseneck gives full freedom when directing the ergonomic light. It is easy to unplug and a canvas carrier bag is included for transport. The anodized desk has an optimal slant of 20˚ and measures 340x340x100mm. The total weigt of the light line projector is 3.9kg.

Light Films model RV412

The transparent light films are of professional quality as used in opera and cinema production. They are made from heat resistant poly-carbonate and presented in a handy pocket kit with a size of 40 x 200mm. Colour rendering is optimal in natural daylight but they also perform beautifully with artificial light.

The films come in the spectral sequence red, orange, yellow, lime, green, turquoise, blue and violet. Each hue has an additional gradation of three different tints in full colour, pale pastel and deep shade to give an extended visual range of 24 filters in all.