Monocrom methods

Light Dome

The light dome is our finest colour projector. Designed for demanding therapists or professional trainers. Frequently used by lighting designers and interior architects to simulate coloured environments before implementation.

It is a giant replica of the human eye and constructed like a planetarium. The Ganzfeld Effect gives the illusion of infinite space filled with brilliant colour projections. The visual sensation is similar to floating.

The dome offers treatments with a precision and rapidity unknown in traditional therapy. Only 10 minutes of monochromatic light are needed. Thereafter a few weeks should elapse to digest the visual information. Clients soon notice a marked improvement of physical and emotional status.

The human brain is extremely sensitive to optical stimuli and light can be considered a cerebral software. The holographic irradiation in the dome has a profound psychological impact. Transverbal super colour is most efficient for modern psychotherapy and personal enhancement.

Each projected colour corresponds to a precise frequency. It is strictly defined as opposed to polychromatic mixtures. By remote control you can slide through the rainbow sequence and choose any desired wavelength. The combinations are virtually endless.

Light Mask

The light mask optically resembles the dome but the monochromatic light is projected by a fibre optic cable. This fans out into a soft white mask that excludes outer stimuli and gently fits most face types. The inside is covered with natural white silk to diffuse the incoming light.

The proximity of the face mask will create a powerful Ganzfeld Effect. Despite its small size the space simulation of the light mask is very effective. It offers large quantities of narrow band light to trigger the brain cells into action.

The mask is esthetically pleasing and  intended to stimulate the brain and the psyche. It can readily be combined with therapeutic stimuli of music and fragrance.

Fibre optics offer an increased light density and give a very high degree of freedom during sessions. The lightweight and compact construction makes it easily portable for travelling practitioners and designers.

The plastic fibre is electrically inert and the mask can be used in combination with water. The aqueous environments of hydrotherapy and float tanks will benefit from monochromatic light.

Light Ears

The light ears project infrared light with stimulating effects on micro circulation. The lightwaves penetrate deeply into delicate structures that no surgeon can reach. The light enters into the auditory canal, tympanic cavity and cochlea to promote natural repair.

Infrared light is transformed into electrochemical signals that help stagnant cells resume their normal functions. The positive effect occurs mainly in injured cells that need the extra energy. After some minutes the ears become warm and the effect is long lasting.

Modern environments are saturated with loud volumes and we become victims of acoustic traumas. With advancing age the inner ear structures reduce their flexibility due to poor circulation.

We lose part of the auditory spectrum and the problem is pronounced in high pitch frequencies. Shrill background noises block out important information and social life becomes restricted.

Light Wand

The light wand is powerful enough to irradiate larger body parts and the  effects are almost immediate. You will still feel the warmth after the wand has been removed. The radiation is sufficiently strong to pass through clothes.

Infrared light is invigorating to skin, muscles and tendons. Infrared emission is a precise and convenient method to transfer heat energy to interior body parts. Microcirculation in deeper tissue layers is rapidly improved. The long wavelength radiation is practically invisible and does not have any aesthetic value.

Greater doses of monochromatic infrared light can stimulate dysfunctional tissues into regeneration. The light penetrates deeply and stimulates intracellular mitochondria to increase the output of chemical energy. This photonic boost helps inner cells maintain and heal themselves.

Sunlight radiates 30% of its energy in the biologically active range from 630nm to 900nm. These wavelengths pass through water and blood in tissue to reach the mitochondria. Wavelengths shorter than 630nm are blocked by the red haemoglobin molecules in blood. Wavelengths longer than 900nm are blocked by omnipresent body water.

The wand is handy for personal treatment in the home or workplace. It is ideal for sprains and injuries resulting from contact sport or heavy exercise. Chronic pain and old wounds respond well to the invisible light dose. Astronauts confined in space shuttles used infrared diodes to maintain circulatory health.

Light Lines

The light lines use acrylic gratings to give a polarized linear structure visually analogous to ruled paper. The light shaping makes the text appear magnified and the method is suitable for large volumes of print. Dyslectics benefit from the guiding structure of the linear light and easily double their reading speed.

Our vision evolved under millions of years in a complex world under changing light. Quick and correct detection became a matter of life and death. We developed a strategy of fast ocular movements or saccades to rapidly detect changes. But the jerky shifts obstruct any sustained fixation of the eyes and make them quite unfit for reading.

The problems are most pronounced with linear text in bulk. Multiple fixations are needed to compensate for erratic deviations and errors quickly escalate. Most children eventually learn to discipline their eyes to analyze words but many fail. Defective reading affects 5-10% of the population often diagnosed as dyslectic.

Symptoms do not disappear naturally but deteriorate and make everyday life complicated. Modern society is packed with written information where decoding poses a constant problem. Displays are impossible to decipher and road signs are misread. Airports are chaotic and driving is a hazard.

The retina feeds information to the brain via two neuronal pathways. Large magno systems provide instant overwiew while small parvo grids give fine detail. Magnocellular connections are often impaired among dyslectic subjects with undue dominance of slow parvo cells. The linear structure of the ergonomic light tends to speed up dormant magno neurons.

Light Films

The light films are made from thin transparent plastic gels. They are available in many colours and used in professional theatre productions. Their spectral resolution is sufficiently well defined for everyday use.

They are useful for learning the basic rules of colour theory. The light films are intended as simple tools for designers and artists while assessing ambient colour compositions. They can also be used for diagnostic colour testing to create a personality profile.

The films are simple and fun but also have a therapeutic value. Looking through a filter gives the impression of being immersed inside that very colour. The emotional impact is surprising and the films serve as a first step towards advanced light psychology.