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Training and education

Light and colour are becoming increasingly important modalities for interpersonal expression. In modern society the eyes are constantly bombarded by emotionally charged colour symbols. The psycho-biological effects are quite profound and cannot be neglected.
Colour branches off into virtually all areas of human activity and affects us every day. When working professionally with training, treatment or personal development you must have a fair knowledge of how colour and light affects the human organism.
For many years colour was only considered an aesthetical fancy mainly pursued by artistic painters. The impact on the human psyche is now widely acknowledged. The demand for qualified educations in light and colour has also grown tremendously. Our students come from all walks of life and include teachers, therapists, nurses, designers, builders, technicians, artists and architects.
The scientific and psychological fundamentals of colour tell a fascinating story. It is truly interdisciplinary and needs a generous intellectual perspective to be grasped. Colour and light are not directly measureable and extend far beyond the defined logic of academical science. We wish you welcome to an intellectual and romantic journey exploring the possibilities of human perception.
Monocrom offers specialised training in some concentrated modules. An introductory course for students wanting to learn the essentials of classical colour psychology.  And a professional workshop in modern light treatments for practitioners and advanced students. Plus a workshop day of visual improvement to train the eyes to see better. We also have a rich reference library and an international scientific network.

Course modules

Basic colour

Anatomy of seeing
eye and brain

Instinctive codes
colour for survival

Visual navigation
cardinal colours

Illustrating pictures
slide show

Monochromatic light

Light and colour
basic optics

Monochrome photobiology
cell reactions with laser

Practical training
individual sessions

Illustrating pictures
slide show

Visual improvement

Ocular evolution
anatomy of the eye

Visual psychology
brain patterns

Learning to see
eye exercises

Inuit methods